A product worth $6M led by Jump Capital serves trading cryptocurrencies via cross-chain router while connecting major blockchains

Atlas DEX is a decentralized cross-chain DEX aggregator, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies across multiple chains. It automatically splits your trades across different liquidity pools to access the best price.

  • Screen Flows
  • Interaction Design
  • Wireframing
  • UI Design
  • Web (Cloud based)
    • YEAR
    • 2022

    Problem Statement

    Atlas DEX wanted to step in the cryptocurrency world and the approach is explained in the product roadmap. In that roadmap, they explained how they wanted to take this project as a leading exchange with the best experience for their users. The market and user research were already done by Atlas Dex which helped me to understand their user's problem and helped me to kick start the experience accordingly.

    • I designed a unified product starting from the component library to the end product which supported all the cryptocurrency trading flows like Swap, Staking, Pools, Farms and Bridge. The design was crafted with a simple MVP approach covering all flows which helps users to do their trades through a single user-friendly UI.
    • I interacted with the research material provided by the Atlas DEX and after understanding their business goals and solutions, I designed the end-to-end UI/UX of the product. I worked closely with the stakeholders to gather design requirements, feedback, conduct user testing on wireframes, functional prototypes and visual designs. I also worked with a team of developers to ensure delivery of the final product.

    Design System

    Some brand guidelines were formulated with the marketing team because everything should look consistent on the marketing website and product. Collaboration was performed time-to-time for improvements of the guidelines. After finalizing the guidelines, I proceeded to design our design system in Adobe XD so they can be used as components in each design.


    Quick iterations were required by the stakeholders to see the information architecture and flows since we were designing for a specific audience, so insights were gathered via competitive analysis and from business goals.


    High-Fi Mockups

    After locking the wireframes, I proceeded to the mockup design stage where I designed all the UI flows with the validations of stakeholders on every stage. There were some changes in design required by stakeholders but it was updated in the mockup directly.

    Live Experience

    You can get live experience from official link

    SOME of my OTHER mvp work...

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